Fall Semester 2014

This past week was my first week of the fall semester of my fourth year of college. 

The week was not so bad.  Chemistry for the most part of the first half of the week; since lab is on Mondays, lecture on Monday and Wednesdays, and discussion on Wednesdays.  The second half are all of my kinesiology courses: yoga, exercise physiology, and biomechanics.

Chemistry was a last minute addition since I was able to add the class a week before class started, at least I do not have to take it at a community college like I planned to before.  It is the one class that I’m not looking forward to, but it is needed and the last remaining GE; so I’m glad I have it this time, especially since it is so hard to get in the first place.

All week I was looking forward to my kinesiology class although I knew that the work load would be heavy at times.  The first day of exercise physiology was so much more interesting than regular physiology.  As I was sitting in class, I was thinking “why is this so much better than plain human physiology?” Biomechanics was interesting as well, even though it was a basic introduction to human anatomy and the like. The best part was the my professor is Australian! The whole class did not believe it even though another professor told us he was from Australia.  The professor starting talking and the whole class erupted; we were very happy with his accent. 

This is the first time that I’m actually excited for the semester.  The big question here is, will I do well like I plan to?

We just have to see.

Academically, there are tests you will do badly on, or you will have a bad day at practice, or socially you might have a bad day. But the sun rises the next day. You’ll have a better test, a better practice and get along with your friends. One of the big lessons of college is that you will have a bad day, but you have to work through it and get to tomorrow.

Ryan Murphy (USA Swimming- 20 Question Tuesday: Ryan Murphy)